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"Mike is amazing. Artistic, thorough, a leader, funny, hard working, brings a great crew where ever he goes. I love working with him."

"Mike and I have worked together on and off for over 2o years. He served as the director of photography on many movies and TV shows I directed. He's a great team player, respected by his crews, and extremely dedicated to any project he is on."

"Mike Mickens served as Director of Photography on several feature films and tv series I produced over the last decade. He is dedicated, talented and a team artist and a gentleman you would be lucky to work with."

"I've done everything from high end model photo shoots and big glossy music videos to horror to comedy to low fi gritty cop dramas with Mike.  They all have one thing in common: they look incredible. Mike is a master with light."

"Mike's wonderful to work with, fast, smart, and comes to the table with all kinds of ideas."

“Working with Mike on Supah Ninjas was a blast. It was a very ambitious show; with a cinematic look, complicated effects and stunts, all on a TV schedule. Mike got it done with enormous style and ingenuity.”

Mike is OUTSTANDING! His work is impeccable.

"Mike is so good at so many things on camera, but one thing I especially appreciate is that rare quality only great cameramen have: he can anticipate the unpredictable and unrehearsed actions of an overly animated actor, and keep the actor in the shot. Nat Geo camera people trying to keep startled spider monkeys in frame don't even come close! MIKE ROCKS! A fan."


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